Frequently Asked Questions
How can I find Radical Remission as an audiobook or in other languages?

Radical Remission has been translated into over 20 languages: Chinese (Complex characters, click here), Czech (click here), Danish (click here), Dutch (click here), Estonian (click here), Finnish (click here), French (click here), German (click here), Hebrew (click here), Japanese (click here), Korean (click here), Norwegian (click here), Polish (click here), Portuguese (for Brazil, click here; for Portugal, click here), Romanian (click here), Russian (click here), Slovak (click here), Spanish (click here), and Turkish (click here). You can also buy the audiobook here

How can I contact Kelly Turner?

To sign up for Kelly’s monthly e-newsletter, click here. For speaking engagement inquiries, click here. For all other inquiries, please complete our contact form on this page.

Can I share my healing story with the Radical Remission Project?

Our community would love to hear your healing story! Please click here to go to our website’s share page. Please note you may use a pseudonym if you wish to protect your identity.

Can Dr. Kelly Turner recommend an integrative doctor/healer for me?

Dr. Turner does not recommend any particular doctors/healers, but she can recommend SIO’s page, Glenn’s pageElyn’s page, and OncANP‘s page to help you in your search.

Does Kelly Turner know of a Radical Remission for my type of cancer?

The best way to search for a Radical Remission case for your type of cancer is to search our survivor database which you can find by clicking here, where you can use different criteria to search our ever-growing database. Due to high demand, Kelly Turner cannot respond to individual requests for finding a certain kind of radical remission case.

Contact Kelly Turner

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